Food, Stress & Life, how to feel better!

Jan 31, 2024 | Health, Nutrition, Wellness

Join me to talk about life and all it’s essence. We must shift how we think about our bodies, our lives, our wellness routines. In living RADIANCE, we recognize that health and wellness have to do with all the pillars of your life; your nervous system, your family, your sleep, rest, recovery, how you wake up and how you to bed. And yes, the food that you eat, along with when and how you nourish. Diets don’t work because they focus only on food, but I have a feeling you want things to change in your body, whether it be feeling amazing, fewer aches and pains, having more energy, less bloating and discomfort, and perhaps fitting into your jeans. Me too:) Join me for this masterclass. It’s loaded. With inspiration, education and room for dreaming about what you want in your life and how you might take a step in the direction of your desires. See you there!