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Holistic health ONE on ONE coaching with Steph

Eat well, move your body with joy, feel better, bring calm and ease to your life!

Join me in a 6 week program to feel better, eat well and learn how to find balance every day.

Finally get the support you need to take care of yourself with ease, automate healthy habits and to rise and shine!

Let’s discover your next vibrant evolution!

Learn how to fuel your body with delicious food. Learn how to calm your mind, reduce anxiety, stop the spinning and feel relaxed despite the stress that surrounds us.

Get in touch with how to move your body in a way that helps you to feel strong but not depleted.

When you’re feeling more balanced, you’ll enjoy your family, your work, experience deeper relationships and be able to respond with love. Your tank will feel full and not running on fumes.

  • You’re tired of running on empty, but not sure how to catch up.
  • You wake up feeling groggy, sore, inflamed and exhausted.
  • You’re always hungry and never full. Or always full and never hungry.
  • You want to take care of yourself but don’t find the time or know what that means.
  • You just don’t feel good, but not sure why and feel like you’re always paddling hard upstream.
  • You crash into bed only to wake in the night and miss out on deep sleep.
  • Your list is endless and you don’t know how you’re ever going to get organized.
  • You want to eat better and move your body each day.
  • You ask yourself, why don’t I take better care of myself?
  • You’ll discover how to naturally crave healthier foods.
  • You’ll realize a few daily lifestyle habits strengthen your digestion and increase your metabolism.

I’ll guide you to feel better, to listen to your body, to reconnect and feel radiant!

How do you want to feel?

Feeling better in your body begins with small changes. You are busy, and you want to take care of yourself, but how? You feel like you’re doing a lot of things right, and you are, but you still don’t sleep deeply. You wake tired and feel depleted, relying on food and beverages to keep you going and relieve anxiety. Diets don’t work. They create stress, trying to eat according to the plan, counting carbs and calories. All the time, you may not be digesting well, so you have a stomach ache, low energy, and foggy mind.

In my 6-week holistic health one on one coaching program, we figure out what’s working for you, what is causing you pain and discover a step by step plan to get you to your healthy living goals. We design your life and your day to heal your body, calm your mind, and have more time and energy to do the things you want to do. I’m a busy mom like you, so I know what you’re up against. I know you feel like you don’t have time to add anything, and another week has gone by, and still making choices against our growth and goals.

I’ve been doing this work for over ten years. I went to Ayurveda school in 2010. It was the most amazing experience. My kids were little, but I took the opportunity to go to my training and do just that. I didn’t realize how desperately I needed this break from my life. I loved my life and am crazy about my kids, but I had that feeling that I’d never done anything for me. This was my chance. I was immersed in the study, the food, the practices. I would come home glowing from the clean food and filled with new inspiration and knowledge. Then I’d come home and try to figure out how to keep it going in the real world.

It would be great to go on retreats and long vacations to reboot, but we need to figure out how to bring healthy balance into our day to day lives. We don’t want to get to the point where disease is present. We want to be ahead of it. Our bodies are meant to heal each day and overnight. I’ll teach you how to do that. We work on the easiest practices to add, so you feel like you are in control and have more time. Then we slowly add new things to get you feeling vibrant and radiant.

Based on the four pillars of Living Radiance, nourish with delicious food, take care of your body, calm your mind, take care of your family with ease. These are practices you’ll continue for a lifetime. They bring balance. They bring ease, they make you feel in charge without creating resistance. And you’ll shine . . .  from the inside out.

Here’s how it works

  • Once you sign up for Holistic Health coaching you’ll receive a confirmation email that includes log-in information to our course HUB.
  • You’ll have immediate access to the PREP school which includes my 4day radiance reset ebook, recipes, grocery lists and more.
  • You’ll fill out the Living Radiance questionnaire that helps identify your health goals.
  • We’ll schedule a 1 hour strategy call to determine where you’re starting and where you want to go.
  • Each week we’ll customize the 4 pillars of radiance living for you and the next best step to take.
  • You’ll have a 30 minute coaching call each week to keep your momentum going, along with email communication to keep you inspired and on track. 
  • If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to email me.
  • If you’re not sure, let’s set up time to chat!

4 pillars of radiance living


Do you feel bloated? Uncomfortable? Wonder why you don't have more energy? Wake up feeling stiff and slow? Let's get in touch with what foods nourish your body during the summer and help encourage strong metabolism and your skin to glow. What does seasonal eating mean? What about diets, so much information, which one is right for you? We'll figure that out based on your goals. When you heal your digestion, you heal everything. We'll learn how. 


Do you move your body each day? Do you feel like you are overdoing your work out or not moving enough? Do you feel exhausted and depleted with your exercise program? Is it fun? Are you intimidated and can't get going? Let's figure out what kind of movement is balancing for you. We'll start simple and discover what's best for your body during this summer season. We'll discover the right amount, when, and how movement influences your choices. And how the right movement will change your whole day. 


Stop the spinning, anxiety, and stress! We live in a high paced world. It's natural for our minds to try to keep up and get sucked into going at that pace. But stress causes 99% of disease. It's time to slow it down. Let's look at how we can respond differently and send our body the message that we got our own back. We can indeed live from a place of grounded-ness and not from a place of spinning. You'll be amazed at how simple awareness practices help bring balance and create ease. 


Does your family get all your good energy, and you have nothing left, or is there no good energy to start with? Do you feel like you can't keep up, and everyone is always asking you for something? Taking care of your family, raising kiddos, nurturing your relationship, cooking, dishes, laundry, driving, organizing, coordinating, worrying, waiting, rushing, loving. Whew. It's a lot of dang work. Balance is possible. Once you're headed towards radiance, you'll realize you can do it all and enjoy it! I promise. 

Holistic health coaching with Steph - 6 weeks

  • I want you to feel amazing, experience balance, take care of yourself, and enjoy your family.
  • This is a gift to yourself, a journey to help you connect with your own body’s healing potential.
  • How do you want to feel in the next couple of months, next year?
  • Our health changes with the seasons, with age, and with the stresses we encounter each day.
  • Join me in this program of connecting to your body, mind, and family, nourishing each part of your life in a sustainable way that will change how you look at healthy living forever.

It’s a new day. Time to do something new.

Get what you need, believe you can do this, make changes that improve your life, feel better. You want to feel balanced for your family. We make 1000 decisions a day. You’ll learn how to automate your habits and reduce decision fatigue. You need support along the way because it’s challenging to make changes. We try to do everything on our own. It’s so much more fun to do this together, and you’ll get results so much faster.

Let’s do it now. Let’s imagine how you’ll feel in three months, six months, next year. Let’s not have another year go by before you step into your radiance living.

Can I really do this right now? 

Yes, you can! You’ll make it work for you on your own time. All content is yours to keep for the life of the program.

We’ll set healthy goals that make sense for your life right now that bring balance and ease. It’s not a quick fix, but we’ll make great progress during this program. We’ll set a strong foundation for your new lifestyle healthy habits that will soon become automated and part of your everyday balance.

Look ahead to where you’ve been and where you want to go. Do you want another year to pass by without taking the time to care for yourself, nourish yourself, and heal your body? We need support. We need reminders, encouragement, loving nudges to keep going. It’s hard to do on our own. It’s time; let’s step into balanced living together.

Happiness guarantee!

If you engage in the work, try new things, show up for yourself, and decide this program is not for you, receive a full refund within the first 2 weeks of the program. All content you have received is for you to keep. This is an investment in your growth, your health, and I want you to get big results with small actions. I’m invested in supporting you 100%. This is my life’s work. But if we’re not a good fit, that’s ok, and I support you moving on. 


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