living radiance – summer 2020


We start when you are ready! 21 days to living radiance!

Coaching, video and email content. Along with my 4day radiance reset ebook, grocery list, meditations, and stress management practices your whole family will love.

Extra BONUS: Cooking with Steph! In person cooking class at Billy’s Grocery, details to come soon.



Once you jump in, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Within 24 hours you’ll receive my 4day radiance reset ebook, along with several handy print-ables. You’ll want to create a folder on your computer, call it RADIANCE, load it up with all your goodies. Start reading the ebook anytime. On Monday, we’ll get started with orientation video and our focus of the week. And off we go!

We’ll then want to schedule your first one hour orientation strategy call with me. I’ll send an invitation to set up a time. Once we have it on the calendar, you’ll receive my Healthy Living Radiance questionnaire to guide us and determine a starting point.

I’m so excited for you and for me! I know you already know a lot, but we need support, a community, and knowledge is power. There is a plethora of confusing information out there, we’ll navigate it and customize your life, your habits, to fit you and your goals. The other thing is, if we already know everything, why aren’t we living it? Because we need each other and it’s so much more fun to journey together.

Peace, veggies and radiance, Steph